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In-home Breastfeeding Help

Mary provides guidance and help with in-home breastfeeding help.


Postpartum visits include:

  • A complete breastfeeding assessment 

  • A written care plan developed by the consultant

  • A complete health, prenatal, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding history is taken

  • An assessment of the breast before and after feeding

  • Assist with positioning and latch

  • Observe infant feeding

  • Pre and post feeding taken to measure milk intake at the breast

  • Help with pumping

  • Answer any question breastfeeding questions

  • Documentation of visit provided to the family’s health-care provider


*Two additional 30-minute follow-up support will be provided by phone, text or email within 10 days following initial home visit. 

To Schedule an appointment:

Text or call: Every Family Breastfeeding at 314-322-2516



Appointment Pricing

  • Fee-for-Service

  •  2-hour Consultation with Full Feeding Evaluation: $185. 

  • Additional follow up does not include a feeding/pumpming evaluation. 

  • To Schedule an appointment:

· Questions? Email MaryMuseConsulting@ or call 314-322-2516

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